Bringing the most realistic and exciting aircraft add-ons to X-Plane!


Ramzzess is the inspiration of the team and brings a lot of the technical aviation knowledge.

By education Ramzzess is a mathematician with a PhD in probability. He has gotten interested in X-Plane in 2010 and started modeling just about the same time after watching Dan Klaue’s tutorials. He produced several freeware models and then moved to payware with SSJ-v4, Tu-444 and IL96. About a year in Ramzzess made the very popular SSJ v5 which was the first “seriously” modeled plane in his collection. Then the Be200 followed. In 2013 Ramzzess founded the FlightFactor team which then included two guys and started the long line of Pro models with the first - Boeing 777 which was a sensational success.

As for real aviation Ramzzess has worked in Dneproavia – a local carrier and flew Bulldogs in his college days, now Ramzzess is a professional pilot and flight instructor holding both EASA and FAA licenses. He is now on his way to becoming a Boeing rated pilot.
Before becoming a professional X-Plane designer Ramzzess has worked as a lecturer in the university, an algorithm developer for a trading company and as a manager for an alternative fuels firm.