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Philipp started programming at age 12 because he was too lazy to do his math homework assignments by hand. So he had more free time to spend on Flight Simulator, because he’s been an aviation-nerd for all of his life. Having used MS Flight Simulator 5, 98, 2000, 2002 and 2004 he discovered X-Plane 8 and was a member of the vasFMC freeware project.

Then he teamed up with Javier Rollon to bring the first airliner with integrated FMC to X-Plane, the famous CRJ. He has worked for the UAV company MAVinci before he decided to turn his hobby into a profession - now he works for Laminar Research on X-Plane and as the FMC and avionics systems programmer for FlightFactor. Since 2015 Philipp has moved to work mostly for Laminar research and has a perreferal role in FlightFactor, he is also an FAA and EASA FI.